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The Emperor’s Gold by Robert Wilton

The Emperor's Gold by Robert WiltonCorvus Books (an imprint of Atlantic Books) are starting to become a bit of a happy hunting ground for me in finding emerging talent in the crime and historical fiction genres to review. I was therefore more than a little fascinated by the sound of a debut novel called The Emperor’s Gold by Robert Wilton; this was not only because of my rapidly growing interest in well written historical fiction, but also due in no small part to Mr. Wilton’s packed c.v.

I won’t go into more detail here as I’m hoping to save that for a featured author post in the near future (#edit – which you can now read here), but suffice to say degrees in history from Oxford and London Universities and a career in the Ministry of Defence certainly appeared to give him all the right credentials.

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The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver

The Lacuna by Barbara KingsolverWhat do you get if you cross a young man, a Russian political exile, a couple of Mexican artists and a United States in the grip of paranoia? Well if you’re lucky you might just get Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Lacuna.

I have never read any of her books up until now, and I’d been meaning to get around to reading The Poisonwood Bible but this one arrived in my to be read pile first. Many reviewers have judged it to be not really up there with Poisonwood so how did I get on with it myself?

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Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom

Dark Fire C J SansomDark Fire is the second novel in the series by C.J. Sansom and relates the ongoing exploits of Matthew Shardlake a London based lawyer of the 16th century.

Throughout the series, Shardlake ploughs a moral furrow through a murky background of religious and political upheaval during the times of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell.

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