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Silk Road by Colin Falconer

Silk Road is the first of Colin Falconer’s historical fiction novels that I’ve read so far, and from the quality of this piece of work, I’m certainly looking forward to reading more. After doing a little research, I discovered that he has a fairly extensive back catalogue of previously published novels, and that he favours a “hands-on” approach to his research — travelling extensively to gather background information and give an authentic feel to his storylines. A tough job, but I suppose someone has to do it!

So if you are a fan of historical fiction, click the link below to see what I made of this epic Eastern adventure.

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Author Spotlight – Robert Wilton

Robert Wilton ImageThose of you who read my recent review of  The Emperor’s Gold by Robert Wilton may recall me mentioning the author’s rather interesting credentials for writing historical fiction. Robert read History at Oxford before completing an MA in History and Culture at The University of London. On top of this, a career in the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office not only allowed him to stumble across the records of the Comptrollerate-General which feature so heavily in his debut novel, it has also allowed for the extensive travel and variety of experience which from the sound of his answers to my questions below, is surely going to result in some fascinating work to come.

All in all, I would love to be able to fast forward ten or so years into Robert’s writing career, as it sounds as though we may be in for some real historical and political treats.

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Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter Carey

Parrot and Olivier in AmericaBefore you read my review of Peter Carey’s Parrot and Olivier in America, I might as well hold up my hands and admit that I am probably not the most impartial reviewer. I’ve loved Carey’s writing for years, to the extent that he is probably my favourite living author.

Some of his novels have certainly fallen short of the very high standards he set himself with Illywhacker, Oscar and Lucinda and The True History of the Kelly Gang, but there is something about his style that always keeps me coming back for more even after some of his less than brilliant work.

Parrot and Olivier in America, I had high hopes for as it achieved a place on the 2010 Man Booker Shortlist, and it finally came to the top of my reading list last month. So did it live up to my expectations?

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Dark Fire by C.J. Sansom

Dark Fire C J SansomDark Fire is the second novel in the series by C.J. Sansom and relates the ongoing exploits of Matthew Shardlake a London based lawyer of the 16th century.

Throughout the series, Shardlake ploughs a moral furrow through a murky background of religious and political upheaval during the times of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell.

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