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Author Spotlight – Robert Wilton

Robert Wilton ImageThose of you who read my recent review of  The Emperor’s Gold by Robert Wilton may recall me mentioning the author’s rather interesting credentials for writing historical fiction. Robert read History at Oxford before completing an MA in History and Culture at The University of London. On top of this, a career in the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office not only allowed him to stumble across the records of the Comptrollerate-General which feature so heavily in his debut novel, it has also allowed for the extensive travel and variety of experience which from the sound of his answers to my questions below, is surely going to result in some fascinating work to come.

All in all, I would love to be able to fast forward ten or so years into Robert’s writing career, as it sounds as though we may be in for some real historical and political treats.

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The Hanging Shed – eBook Sales Soaring

The Hanging Shed by Gordon FerrisSince my earlier review of The Hanging Shed (which you can read here) things have been gaining momentum at a pace for Gordon Ferris, as this article in The Scotsman relates. I’m not sure how long the special offer on the  Kindle version is set to remain but since the novel’s full release on Corvus Books is in March 2011, I would pick up a copy quickly if you are into gritty well written crime thrillers.

To the best of my knowledge the offer is only open to UK registered Kindle owners, but at the time of publishing this post The Hanging Shed is available for £1.00. Yes that is just one pound. (more…)

Author Spotlight – Gary William Murning

Following on from his successful novel – If I Never – which was published by Legend Press last year, author Gary William Murning has chosen a rather different direction for his follow up novel – Children of the Resolution – which went on sale recently (follow the links above for full reviews of both books).

Novel Suggestions caught up with Gary recently to get a bit of background info on his latest release and to find out what else he has in the pipeline for his readers.

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