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September, 2012:

The Trials of Arthur by Arthur Pendragon & CJ Stone

Now this is an interesting one that I recently received for review. The Trials of Arthur was originally published back in 2003, but has now been extensively re-written and updated (eBook version is out now, the revised paperback version is due later in 2012). It is actually not strictly a novel, but I’ve moved the goalposts slightly in order to review it since it reads so well and is also rather fascinating to boot!

It tells the story of a latter day King Arthur and his band of supporters — bikers, Druids, environmental campaigners — from all walks of life. The reason that it is not a novel is that it features, and is co-written by, the great man himself (it really is him, it says so on his passport) so it is actually a true story — a slightly odd, but true, story! I was as cynical on first picking it up as you no doubt are as you read this, but I was soon drawn in and found it was striking a number of chords with me. But even if you read it and somehow don’t find yourself delighting at the wonderful eccentricity that we Brits excel at, you certainly won’t be able to argue that the story is anything other than unique.

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