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The Hanging Shed – eBook Sales Soaring

The Hanging Shed by Gordon FerrisSince my earlier review of The Hanging Shed (which you can read here) things have been gaining momentum at a pace for Gordon Ferris, as this article in The Scotsman relates. I’m not sure how long the special offer on the  Kindle version is set to remain but since the novel’s full release on Corvus Books is in March 2011, I would pick up a copy quickly if you are into gritty well written crime thrillers.

To the best of my knowledge the offer is only open to UK registered Kindle owners, but at the time of publishing this post The Hanging Shed is available for £1.00. Yes that is just one pound.

Already read The Hanging Shed? What did you think of it? Please post a comment below, Novel Suggestions is always keen to hear your opinions.

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  1. Joe says:

    I thought it was good, certainly worth £1. A lot of the Amazon reviews accuse it of being too far-fetched with regard to Brodie arming himself to the teeth like Rambo and hunting the Slattery gang down deep in the heart of IRA “bandit country” and I tend to agree. And I did raise an eyebrow then Brodie was dumped overboard seven miles from the coast and ultimately survived. I read the whole novel in about two days and will be downloading his other books.

    1. Des says:

      Hi Joe, I suppose with most “all action hero” type of characters you do have to suspend credulity a little. I just thought it was a really exciting read; same as you I ploughed through it in a couple of sittings.

      I’d really love to hear what you think of his previous books if you download them, I’ve not had a chance to read them myself yet.

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